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Thank You Nurse Practitioners!

This week is National Nurse Practitioner week! If you haven't thanked a Nurse Practitioner lately, take the time to do it this week!

We at MedSense Recruiting just LOVE our Nurse Practitioners.

Did you know that Nurses represent the largest segment in the U.S. Healthcare Workforce?

With more than 3 million licensed nurses in the United States, we are still facing a nursing shortage and with the aging of baby boomers, the need for nurses in continuing to rise.

That is why we absolutely LOVE helping our clients find the top nursing talent and connect the fantastic nurses we coach with the best possible opportunities!

If you are looking to add Nurse Practitioners to your organization or looking for a new position, let's chat!

In the meantime, check out these interesting facts about the history of Nurse Practitioners in the United States!

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