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It's hard to believe, but...

The holidays are upon us!

As the cyclic trends of hiring goes, there is typically a lull in hiring at the end of the year.

Despite the temptation to leave things until next year, this is in fact a critical time to get your ducks in a line for a peak hiring season in January.

With extra time on their hands away from the office, job seekers are going to be on the hunt for their next job.

While hunting down candidates is not ideal during the holiday season, now is the time to get it done and that’s where we step in!

Did you know that a recent LinkedIn Talent Trends Report stated that: 75% of 18,000 full-time employees surveyed considered themselves passive candidates?

However, only 61% of companies focus on recruiting passive candidates!

85% of those employees surveyed said they would be willing to talk with a recruiter and consider new opportunities!

The market is extremely competitive right now…why wait?

We specialize in finding the passive candidates that could become YOUR key players heading into the new year.

Don’t let recruiting or HR consulting projects looming over your head today drag you down heading into a new year. Let's schedule a time to talk! / 1.833.MED.SENSE (1.833.633.7367)

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